Our Services For Clients

We can support you no matter where you are

Helping you to gather the new system requirements and help you to select the best one that fits your needs


Whether it’s HL7, FHIR, XML, API, DB, JSON, or any other kind of integration, our team is ready to do it.

Data Migration

Migrating your data to its new home is one of our hobbies, and we would love to help your data settle at its new home

IT as a service! we provide support and management for your systems and equipments 24/7

Our professional team can help with your Healthcare IT projects management and planning

Custom Development

We are ready to do custom development to help you focus on the patient care

Solution Architecture

We can help you plan and execute a successful project to get up to a new level in your organization, we help you build the most cost-effective and efficient system in terms of the required hardware.

No need to worry about the data center management as our professional team will take good care of it, in addition to firewall configuration and management.

Mirth Scripting Service

We can automate and optimize your healthcare organization’s data management and communication processes using Mirth.